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How to Get pass in Exam

How to Get pass in Exam

Accurate mantra of success in examinations, trips of success in examinations, Saraswati seed mantra: The examination timing is very important in any student's life. It is very important to be educated with calm mind at this time and to succeed in the exam. A student's entire year is wasted due to the mistake made at the time of the examination, then any student competition gets out of the examination. In addition to exercising patience in the course of their curriculum, if students also take measures for success in examinations, they increase the probability of success. So let us know, in the same way, some solutions to success in success.

The true mantra of success in examinations

The true mantra of success in examinations
Any student should not have any ingredients to eat above the reading table. Students are advised to eat only at the place where they eat food and do not try to study while eating. Keep tabs on any table you study, do not leave the book copy etc. open on it. Also, keep in mind that there is no deposit of dust and dust on your table. Take special care of cleanliness in the measure of success in the examination.

The right way to get success in the exam

Whenever you sit to read then remember your devoted God, it keeps your focus concentrated and reads quickly. Before starting to read your books and copies, always start with the head. Under the measure of success in examinations, there is a special advantage of reading and reading in Brahmaju Maharaj. At this time there is pure air in the environment and peace is surrounded by all that makes a good heart to read.

Students should always study by looking at East, North or North-East direction. Students should not wear shoes or socks while studying at home. Every student should hold the machine of Mother Saraswati in his throat. For the development of its intellect, students must keep tamarind fresh leaves in their book on Thursday. It is also advised that students should keep peacock feathers for success in any examination. Good memory power is very important in any student's life. A student with good memory can get success in examinations very soon. For memory power, students should consume sugar mixed in some Tulsi leaves.

Trips to the test

Today's time is of competitive examinations. Today, every student wants to be in the competitive examinations so that he can get admission in the desired college or the desired job. Students should feed the trees to the cow every Thursday for the success of the examination in the examination. To achieve desired results in the examinations, students should put photo of Mother Saraswati in their study chamber in the east direction. Speaking of the Saraswati Seed Mantra increases concentration and feels like reading. Students should also read Ganesh Chalisa. To make Ganesh ji happy, offer them durga on Wednesday and offer offerings of gram flour.

It is very important to take blessings for elders to attain education. Whenever you leave home to take exams, do not forget to take the blessings of parents, grandparents or any of the household members by touching their feet. A student should always respect his teachers and have a sense of cooperation towards his classmates. Whenever you leave the house to take the exam, add a little sugar in the curd and eat it. Eat any dessert if there is no curd. By doing so, the probability of success in exam increases.
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